August 2, 2008

South Central Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission Formed

Press Release
South Central Texas Sub Regional Planning Commission (SCTSRPC)
Copyright 2008

St. Hedwig- Representatives of the City of St . Hedwig and Wilson County met July 31, 2008 at the St. Hedwig City Hall for the first meeting of the South Central Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission (SCTSRPC).

The SCTSRPC was formed under the authority of the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 391 which allows counties and cities to “join and cooperate to improve the health, safety and general welfare of their residents”.

Under Chapter 391, state and federal governments must coordinate with local planning commissions concerning “common problems of transportation” before building roads or other transportation facilities through their jurisdictions, including the Trans Texas Corridor. (The local commission is the ninth SRPC to be formed in Texas.) The SCTSRPC also expects the state and federal governments to address a list of concerns ranging from impacts to the local agricultural economy to loss of the county tax base.

Serving on the SCTSRPC Board of Directors are Mayor Mary Jo Dylla, of St. Hedwig, Councilwoman Susann Baker, of St. Hedwig, ViceChairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission and at large member Kathy Palmer, of St. Hedwig, Judge Marvin Quinney, of Wilson County, Commissioner Larry Wiley, of Wilson County. Ralph Gerhardt, of Wilson County is an at-large member of the Commission.

One of the main purposes of the SCTSRPC will be to prevent negative impacts from the Trans Texas Corridor and other transportation projects within their jurisdiction. The Commission will also consider inviting other units of government, such as school boards, water boards, and first responders.

Also at the meeting to assist in the first organization meeting were Dan Byfield, President of the American Land Foundation and Margaret Byfield, Executive Director of Stewards of the Range. Both groups assist and teach landowners and other organizations how to use existing law to protect their priorities, private property, economy and way of life. The Byfields were instrumental in helping start the first Sub-Regional Planning Commission in Bell County as well as others across the State of Texas.

The next meeting of the South Central Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission will be held in St. Hedwig at the St. Hedwig City Hall at 2pm, Tuesday September 23, 2008. The public is invited to attend.

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