July 16, 2008

Commissioners Say Yes to 391

BY DAVE LEWIS, Publisher
The Navasota Examiner
Copyright 2008

After a few months of pressure from the public and taking time to become comfortable with the idea, the Grimes County Commissioners’ Court Monday voted unanimously to create a resolution that would allow the county to form a 391 sub-regional planning commission.

The county’s move would follow the City of Iola’s action last week to form its own 391 commission. Plans are for Grimes County to participate with Iola to complete the process of two founding entities providing the formation and leadership of such a commission.

County Attorney John C. Fultz was instructed to frame the county’s 391 resolution, which is expected to mirror Iola’s. Passage of the resolution is expected this month.

In moving to create the resolution, Precinct 3 Commissioner Julian Melchor said he’d like to see certain stipulations included in the plan. However, Melchor was informed that his suggestions were covered in the Iola plan, which is expected to be the county’s model.

Other governing bodies may participate in the Iola-Grimes County 391 commission if they comply with the commission’s structure.

The sub-regional commission would give county residents and elected officials a measure of status in dealing with proposed state projects that could adversely impact the area. The initial chief concern locally was construction on the previously proposed TransTexas Corridor route, which would have cut a significant swath through Grimes County, destroy several farmsteads and remove thousands of acres of taxable property from the county’s books.

TxDOT recently announced a new proposal to use existing roadways to complete construction of the corridor. Residents in favor of the 391 Commission say they want to make sure that the county has a say in all future projects planned for our area.

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