December 28, 2007

Ready to act

Letters to the Editor
The Alpine Avalanche
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Dear Residents of the Big Bend:

The Rio Grande Council of Governments has generally been supportive of measures to designed to protect the Big Bend region, but they have yet to take a stand against La Entrada.

We can not afford to wait. Furthermore, we should not shirk the responsibility (or pass up the possibility) to organize a commission that directly represents the wishes of the citizens of this region.

Establishing a Sub-Regional Planning Commission is about representing what the residents of the Big Bend know is best for this area.

The COG (Council of Governments) has been beneficial to us in the past, and our county commissioners and judges have put forth their best efforts to represent and protect us. However, this is a huge area, and the COG must divide its attention between the many voices of our small towns and the enormous demands of El Paso.

Who can blame them for not having become more involved with La Entrada, and what kind of citizens would we be if we did not show our support for our councilors by stepping up to the plate?

By "stepping up to the plate" I mean that we must take responsibility for this area and do our part to help the COG and our various towns by committing to a Big Bend Sub-Regional Planning Commission.

This is our home, and we should do our part while working in close partnership with the COG. This will provide us the most legitimate representation while alleviating some the burden our councilors already deal with on a daily basis.

We are ready to do this, we are prepared to do this, and Statute 391 gives us the ability to do this!

It is time for the stewards, the ranchers, the youths, and all the rest to take the reins and do their part!

I am ready. ReViva [Collective] is ready. The Sierra Club is ready. Alpine City Council is ready.

It is time for us all to stand together under one label - Citizens of the Big Bend - and let the COG and the rest of the world know we are ready to take care of our community.

Jeff Milam


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