December 4, 2007

Letter urging attendance at City Council and Commissioners Court meetings to voice sentiments about La Entrada

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I am writing to inform the community of a few things. First of all, the motion to support the Big Bend Sub-Regional Planning Commission was passed by the Alpine City Council last meeting and this coming meeting, Tuesday the 4th at 6:00PM, they will vote on actually helping form the commission.

It is extremely important that citizens concerned with the La Entrada planning efforts attend this meeting and show support for Alpine joining the commission so that our voices will be heard loud and clear by TxDOT and MOTRAN.

Also, on December 10th the Brewster County Commissioners Court will meet and discuss joining the commission as well. To have Brewster County onboard would greatly increase the jurisdiction of the commission and I would like to encourage everyone to write and call the commissioners as well.

We deserve a say in what happens to our community and the commission will provide us that opportunity. And, for those in the surrounding areas, please show your support to your city council members and county commissioners. The greater our jurisdiction the louder our voice and the more we can protect.

You can find letter writing help on the ReViva website ( in the La Entrada section of our Forum.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that an online No a La Entrada petition has been formed by ReViva Collective. The petition is unofficial and is specifically intended to illustrate the numbers who stand against La Entrada around the world. So, you can sign it even if you have signed a previous petition. As of this moment we have signatures ranging from Texas, to Massachusetts, to France, to South Africa, to Australia, and the numbers are growing! I invite everyone to visit the ReViva website and click on the link that says SIGN! the petition against La Entrada!

For those in the community unfamiliar with the ReViva Collective, we are a group of individuals working for various goals and causes united by a desire to do good for the Big Bend community and beyond. We currently contribute to the campaign against the La Entrada highway coming through Big Bend, are organizing a mural project around Alpine with the help of many local artists, have a biweekly film series showing documentaries on the first and third Fridays of every month at the community center, and host a weekly potluck dinner at the Orale' Way gallery (305 Gallego) every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM for anyone interested in learning about us or getting involved.

From a young man who is concerned about the area he loves, the country that has allowed him the freedom to write this, and the people who have made him who he is, please express your support to city council and your county commissioners. Please sign the petition and do not let economic interests supersede heritage. Please take upon yourself the responsibility of having a voice. Let's help each other help this place.

Thank you,

Jeff Milam

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