May 20, 2008

Have Texans Found a Silver Bullet to Kill the TTC?

Sal Costello /'The Muckraker'
Texas Toll Party
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Have Texans found the silver bullet to kill Gov. Rick Perry's Trans Texas Corridor land grab?

It looks like it. Citizen groups are now using the laws created by the special interests (which were created to form regional pro TTC groups) to form regional anti-TTC commissions to force TxDOT to answer endless TTC questions, that could last months, years and even decades if needed.

And, with the law on their side this time, they believe it's working.

Three Texas Citizen groups, American Land Foundation, Stewards of the Range and Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom have joined forces and are gearing up for a second "How to Fight the TTC Workshop", which will take place in El Campo, TX.

Since the first succesful workshop last month, which was held in Lufkin, the group has formed three new "391 Commissions", which could slow down and stop the TTC in different regions of Texas. The 391 commission is named after chapter 391 of the Texas Local Government Code.

The El Campo, TX Workshop is scheduled for this Thursday, May 15th, 9am-3pm at the El Campo Civic Center (map). Registration deadline is Thursday at 8:00 am

The workshop will teach Texas citizens and community leaders how to form a 391 Sub-Regional Planning Commission and all the needed details to help stop the TTC in their region.

The first 391 Commission established to fight the TTC-35 Corridor, The Eastern Central Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission (ECTSRPC), the Mayor of Holland (the president of the ECTSRPC) and attorneys are scheduled to share crucial information to help other Texans stop the TTC eminent domain abuse.

Citizens opposed to the TTC, County Commissioners, County Judges, Mayors and City Councilpersons are urged to attend.

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